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Alice Spacedoll is a unique, dynamic and captivating singer-songwriter, music and video producer based in Far North Queensland, Australia.


Known for her other-worldly sound with six releases to date, Alice shares a personal, emotive and hauntingly beautiful journey with her listeners. A hybrid of synthesizers, guitars, electronic production and ethereal vocals delve into the realms of experimental, electronic and progressive vocal genres.


Inspired by electronic artists such as Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Kalya Scintilla, Grimes, Aurora, Lana Del Rey, Puscifer and the Dandy Warhols as well as the psychedelic, inter-dimensional realms, Alice brings a new and refreshing twist to popular culture through her wildly unapologetic self expression.

"With over 20 years experience as a passionate and dedicated singer songwriter I am passionate about self expression and assisting others to discover their creative power within.

A decade of music and video production experience has given me the tools I need to create endlessly with digital media and share that knowledge with others through creative tutorials and e-courses as well as creative guidance sessions, creative content & Videography packages for creative business and a full catalog of music and video art."


“Working with Alice is always a total pleasure - she has a vibrant, creative, clear vision and artistic integrity. High attention to detail and a super kind spirit”

- Adam Goodlet - Music & Video Producer @Re: Creation Studios, UK


"Alice is an absolute pleasure to work with and her drive and ambition in following all her endeavours, is an absolute inspiration. She is a next level visionary artist/singer/song writer, who is always creating through the multiple talents she embodies.

I have not met a woman more devoted and dedicated to embodying what she believes in, supporting those she loves and knowing someone who literally brings her wildest dreams, visions and magic to life. "

Elysha, Feminine embodiment creatrix, ceremonialist and conscious dance facilitator.

 "I have been honoured  to begin working alongside Alice. She is truely a mastor creator. During the filming of her recent release 'Future woman', i experienced her magnificent capture of vision, as director, performer and singer songwriter. Alice is not only a graceful,  joyous and sensual soul, she is a true maestro of visionary sonic craft. I hope to work with her more in the future and be able to relish in her artistry, music and inspiring vibes!! "

- Kallia, Dance teacher and fire performer

"I had the pleasure of working with Alice and a group of friends for her Future Woman music video project. Alice had such a clear creative vision that was communicated in a way that allowed us all to see and connect with the art in its liminal space. Alice is an incredible creative artist, director,  musician and mentor and it was amazing to witness the behind the scenes production process, watching her perform and bring her ideas to life whilst also encouraging us to step into and embrace our inner artist and performers too! Such creative fun, I felt fresh and renewed after our time together. I live for this stuff!"

- Donna Raymond, 

owner and creator of Wisewomban.com

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