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Millicent S. I. Kruger, most widely known for her work as singer and multimedia artist, Alice Spacedoll is a unique, dynamic and captivating artist. Currently residing and working from Bulawai country, Far North Queensland, Australia. Millicent has created a full-time career from her passion for art, digital media, production & creative business.


Known primarily for her other-worldly sound with seven music releases to date, Millicent (Alice Spacedoll) shares a personal, emotive and hauntingly beautiful journey with her listeners. A hybrid of synthesizers, guitars, electronic production and ethereal vocals delve into the realms of experimental, electronic and progressive vocal genres.

Inspired by electronic artists such as Grimes, Solar Fields, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Kalya Scintilla, Aurora, Lana Del Rey, Puscifer and the Dandy Warhols as well as the psychedelic, inter-dimensional realms, Alice brings a new and refreshing twist to popular culture through her wildly unapologetic self expression.

Millicent began singing at the age of twelve and over the past twenty years has been developing and refining her many art forms and passion for all things creative. As a dedicated singer and music producer she has travelled the world as an international touring artist and performed at open air festivals across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and The United Kingdom. 


Millicent has also developed skills and experience as a videographer, director, photographer, web designer, visual artist, creative business mentor and host and owner of The Unapologetic Artist podcast and Education platform.

Morphing all her talents and skills together, she has carved her way to success through her artistic abilities and creative skills. With a unique flare for creative business, she hopes to continue building her creative business and working with others who are ready to transform their lives.

Millicent S.I. Kruger

               aka Alice Spacedoll