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Are you a singer songwriter looking for someone to produce your music?

Or perhaps your looking to learn how you can produce your own music?

I have over 15 years experience recording, mixing and producing music from the heart and have worked alongside and learnt from some great producers and engineers.

Come and visit me at my home studio in Far North Queensland, Australia or book an online session with me and lets create some music magic!


80AUD / hour 

When working with me you will receive

  • A 15 minute phone consultation prior to our sessions to discuss your visions and what you would like to create

  • A one-on-one in person studio session at my home studio in Koah, QLD.

  • Once our in person session is complete, I will do a mixdown and send you your track via a download link. This is where you will tell me of any changes you would like made, I will then do a revision session to make sure you are happy.

  • Once you are happy with your track, I will send you a mastered .Wav file

  • Note: being as prepared as you can prior to arriving for your recording session will assist in time and money saving and make our session together flow better 

How many hours it may take to complete a track?

This all depends on what you would like done. If you have already written the song (lyrics and chords) and you would like to record main vocals, backing vocals and live instruments this is what will take the most time. I often use synthesised elements such as beats, baselines and melodies so in this case I would allow 3 - 5 hours per track. 

(This includes a revision session once the track is complete to make any final changes that you may like)

I also offer a free mastering service for completed tracks delivered to you via a downloadable link.

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A Beginners guide to Music Production

80AUD / hour

A lot of people ask me what they need to get started in music production.

There's no doubt you need the right hardware and software to create beautiful music and delicious recorded sounds. I can assist you on finding the right tools that fit your budget to start up your home studio and get you into the world of music production.

We can do this in person or online, depending on where you are located.

I can assist you in...

  • finding the right technology to begin your home studio. This will include things like microphones, audio interfaces and all accessories that will make producing music a breeze.

  • sourcing the right software (I prefer to use Logic Pro X but there are many software production softwares available)

  • showing you how to begin 

    recording, creating and producing music


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Neuman TLM103 condesor microphone

  • Native instruments Komplete Control software

  • Apogee Duet audio interface

  • Logic Pro X 

  • Adam Audio A7X Monitor speakers

My Studio


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