~Singer of Cosmic Codes ~


The Music

For my entire adult life, and for most of my childhood, music has been at the core of my world. Alice Spacedoll Music holds a very special place in my heart and is my soul expression in this life. It is an honour to share this music and art with you.

I draw influences from artist such as Grimes, Puscifier, The Dandy Warhols, Linkin Park as well as Psybient producers such as Solar Fields, and global world bass music producers such as Kalya Scintilla, Temple Step Project and Iranian Singer, Azam Ali.


For the past fifteen years I have dedicated my life to my voice, music and artistic expression of all kinds, but I has always come back to music and singing as my primary love and passion in this life.

The music is usually written from both a personal and collective viewpoint. As an artist I feel I have an opportunity to help others heal and process pain and suffering though empathy, compassion, creativity and self expression.

I find that I am most inspired to create music when I am feeling passionate, fiery or highly charged from a personal life or global event.

I feel that what I am feeling, others also must be feeling and if I can write and record these feelings and share this with the world and be witnessed in my expression, then I can heal not only heal myself, but heal others too.

Alice Spacedoll music is heavily influenced by the angelic and cosmic realms with a soft, nurturing but wild and daring nature to explore the depths of the psyche. The parallel worlds of dark and light has always had a big influence in the writing of this music and the fascination of the depths as well as the peaks of our beings.

Music has always helped me to heal and process pain and suffering as well as express love and joy. I hope this music can help you and inspire you to go for your dreams as I have mine!

- Audience member
"Pure Wonder"
- Audience member
"I was mesmerised"
- Audience member
"Out of this World"
- Audience member
"Simply Divine"
- Audience member
"Love, Love, LOVE your sound, the music, your voice, everything was Surreal"
- Audience member
"Beyond Words. I'm going to need some integration time"
- Audience member
"A sensational Artist"
- UK Radio host 'the walrus and the carpenter' Show