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Join me in a 3 week online journey into activating your wild and 

unapologetic creative self expression!


There's no doubt we live in wild and challenging times and with the non-stop bombardment of information, there is SO much to process. Sometimes finding a healthy outlet for processing can be hard and we find ourselves feeling sad, anxious, depressed and unfulfilled because of it. 

The Unapologetic Artist is a deep dive into creative exploration and expression. Using the current-world themes as well as any pain, suffering and trauma we have been carrying, we aim to create beautiful and captivating art and move through heavy emotions and into fulfilment and joy. 

Learn how to create incredible art with the tools you have on hand and discover new ways of activating your creative potential 


What you will receive:

Duration : 3 weeks (working at your own pace)

  • 8 x powerful and informative creative tutorial videos 

  • 3 x one-on-one personal creative coaching sessions 

  • 3 x group video chat sessions (optional)

  • email, chat and phone support through your creative process

  • As much creative wisdom, resorces and guidance that I can offer to assist you in acheiving your goals



What you will need:

  • A visual art diary

  • A phone

  • A computer with internet accsess 


Are you ready?


The Unapologetic Artist e-course is for you if...

  • you are looking to access or expand your creativity

  • you are seeking a way to express yourself through art

  • you are ready to move through heavy emotions and into joy and fulfilment

  • you'd like to learn new skills to up level in your creative field 

  • your ready to be seen in your truth and share your Magick with the world





Payment Options :  direct deposit, online credit/debit-card, paypal, bitcoin

Note: payment plans are available

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