~Singer of Cosmic Codes ~



Let me know your intentions. What are your goals, short term and long term?

Would you like to fine tune your current vocal skills, learn to sing in tune, overcome fear, express and heal a deep trauma through creative expression or build songwriting skills?


Tell me your intentions. Thats the best place for us to start!
















What are your goals and intentions?

Thankyou! Your intentions have successfully been manifested! 

I will be in touch shortly.

Are You Looking to....

 Discover your Voice 

Express yourself 

Connect with your guides

Create unique and beautiful music

Embrace Confidence 

Let me be your guide to your own creative expression and empowerment!





1 x 1 Hour
Vocal Tuition Session
5 x 1 Hour
Vocal Tuition Sessions
10 x 1 Hour
Vocal Tuition Sessions
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